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Smart Living

Smart Living

Discover a new way of living with the groundbreaking benefits of smart home technology products. Embrace innovation at its finest as everyday household items transform into intelligent devices, simplifying your life with seamless automation. Picture a home that effortlessly adapts to your needs, creating the perfect ambiance and elevating your lifestyle with sophisticated elegance.

Smart Thermostats - Indulge in the ultimate convenience of effortlessly controlling your home's climate right from your smartphone. Take charge of your comfort by setting personalized schedules for the entire week, all while delighting in significant savings.

Smart Locks - Experience the sheer delight of keyless access, allowing you to effortlessly lock and unlock your door, making everyday living an absolute joy.

Smart Light Switch - Step into a world of enchantment as you automate the lighting in your home, granting you complete control to orchestrate the perfect ambiance with just a touch.

HercuWall - Discover the epitome of modern living with HercuWall homes, an extraordinary choice that surpasses traditional wood framing in every aspect. Experience the tranquility of a quieter and cozier sanctuary, fortified to withstand relentless 200 mph winds. Embrace peace of mind knowing that these exceptional homes are impervious to rot and water damage, while reveling in unmatched energy efficiency that translates to substantial savings of up to 40% on energy bills. 

High Speed Internet - Enjoy the convenience of having internet access throughout our community to help aid you in completing daily task at a fast rate. 

Smart Gate - Control who enters your home and feel more at ease while you're away. Features include real-time monitoring, remote access and data collection to help keep you up to date on entry access.

Leak Sensors - Automatic water flow monitoring leak sensors can help aid in any potential unwanted water damage. When leaks are detected the sensor will stop the flow of water and inform you so the situation can be resolved.

USB Ports - Stay charged and connected with our conveniently placed USB ports located throughout our community.